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Why should you learn Cantonese with us?

You can learn better with our professionally made materials

Specialized lessons for expatriates and overseas Hong Kongers

All of our Cantonese lessons are designed based on the context of Hong Kong and with expatriates and oversea Hong Kongers in mind, helping them learn what they need effectively.

Supported by scholars and researchers

All of our lessons are created based on two defining Cantonese grammar pieces, 粵語語法講義(鄧思穎,2015)and 香港粤語語法的研究(張洪年,2007)and other academic journals, ensuring our lessons are of the highest quality available in the market.

Book reference for learning Cantonese

Professional sentence dissection

We categorize all of our example sentences based on their part of speech, so that you can understand the grammar of Cantonese easier.

ngo5 soeng2 hok6 gwong2 dung1 waa2 aa3!


I want to learn Cantonese!

Type of sentence structurePredicative-object
Functions in sentenceSubjectPredicateObjectParticle
Part of speechNounAuxiliary verbClauseParticle
Words in sentence學廣東話

Native speaking audio

Recorded by professional radio reporter, audio is included for all of our example sentences, ensuring you can practice speaking and listening on your own.

jiu3 dim2 joeng6 sin1 ho2 ji5 hok6 hou2 gwong2 dung1 waa2 ne1


How can we learn Cantonese well?

Extensive grammar coverage

With the aim of covering everything in Cantonese grammar, our comprehensive grammar lessons will help you understand and express yourself better in Cantonese.

Learn Cantonese grammar

What people say about us

Roselle Wu
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Your website totally surprises my friend who studies Cantonese by reading books and YouTube for such good teaching content. Thank you!
Joseph Woodard
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They're making some really good resources!
Marco Chan
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The Mahjong
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For those who would like to learn Cantonese, this page is GOLD!
Peter Woo
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Always fun to read the posts!

Reported by media

How should you start learning Cantonese?

All road leads to Rome, but this is our recommended approach

Using grammar as your learning basis

Pronunciations and vocabularies mean nothing without knowing grammar.  You will have a hard time memorizing them individually.  After you have acquired a basic understanding of the phonetic system of Cantonese, you should start learning grammar and connect pronunciations, vocabularies and grammar together through studying example sentences.

Why should you learn Cantonese?

Open yourself to exotic culture and opportunities in Hong Kong through learning Cantonese

Integrate into the Hong Kong society

By learning Cantonese, you can earn natives friends, discover attractions for locals and understand the Hong Kong society more as a whole.

Be welcomed everywhere

Since the majority of expatriates in Hong Kong dont bother to learn Cantonese, Hong Kongers will admire and welcome you more than others even if you dont speak the language well!