Learn Cantonese with our Cantonese story books

Our Cantonese story books help learners improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking in Cantonese effectively.

Completely written in Cantonese

Unlike most of the Cantonese story books available in the market, our books are completely written in Cantonese instead of Mandarin.

Cantonese romanization annotations

Being the first in the market, both Jyutping and Yale romanization of Cantonese are used separately in our Cantonese story books.

zyu2 jan4 jat1 fong3 sau2 zek3 hou2 ceon2 ge3 lou4 zai2 zau6 jat1 puk1 jat1 luk1 gam2 dit3 zo2 lok6 saan1 laa3

Cantonese narrations by professional narrators

Narrations in our books are recorded accurately by professional native narrators in normal and slow speed.

Using the book as a transcript, you can easily check for words that you have missed and go over it again.

Why do people love our Cantonese story books?

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Thank you very much for the Cantonese story books I received last week, actually I am really a beginner and couldn’t catch up fully due to my limited grammar understanding, but I enjoy reading and listening it 🙂
Gabriel Cheung
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A very good product overall. I like having the Jyutping, Wade Giles and the English in the book. It made it easier to read and learn Cantonese. The only negative is that the stories are short. Other than that it was a great product. Very well made.
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