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Become our affiliates

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What do affiliates do?

Affiliates help a business promote their products.  In return, they will receive a proportion of the revenue of that business when they have successfully referred someone to purchase a product from that business.

How does affiliating on How to study Cantonese work?

An affiliate will receive
of our revenue when a customer purchases a product from our store through the referral link or the referral coupon of that affiliate.

Do affiliates have access to the transaction information?

Affiliates will receive details of every transaction (excluding sensitive personal information stated in our privacy policy) generated with their referral through Email and Affiliates dashboard, enabling you check your payout whenever you want.

After you have signed up as our affiliates, you will be redirected to the affiliates dashboard.  Copy the link of our product into the referral link generator to generate a referral link.

How can I generate a referral coupon?

Referral coupons can only be issued by How to study Cantonese.  If you want to have a referral coupon for better affiliating performance, contact us here.

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