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U6L1 And in Cantonese

In this lesson, And in Cantonese will be introduced.  Prepositional conjunction(介詞性連詞) 同 [tung4], 同埋 [tung4 maai4] and 夾埋 [gaap3 maai4] means And in Cantonese.  Unlike conjunction(連詞), which connects two or more clauses or sentences together and form a complex sentence(複句), prepositional conjunction connects two nouns together in the structure of coordination(並列式). And in Cantonese:同 [tung4]、同埋…

U6L2 Composite sentence(複句)

  In this Cantonese grammar lesson, composite sentence(複句)and compound sentences(並列句)will be introduced.  Composite sentence(複句)is referring to a sentence that is created by combining two or more sentences together.  In Cantonese, composite sentence can be divided as the following 3 types.  Each type of composite sentence has a set of specific usages associated with it.  It…

U6L3 Correlative conjunction(相關連詞)Part I

  In this Cantonese grammar lesson, correlative conjunctions(相關連詞)will be introduced.  Correlative conjunctions are created by using adverbial conjunctions(副詞性連詞)or conjunctions(連詞)together or by repeating itself in a sentence; conjunction is placed before the subject of a sentence and adverbial conjunction is placed after the subject of a sentence like an adverb(副詞).  In this lesson, correlative conjunctions that…

U6L4 Complex sentence(偏正句)

  In this Cantonese grammar lesson, complex sentences(偏正句)will be introduced.  Complex sentences are composite sentences(複句)that one of its component sentence does not possess any true value(真假值)(i.e. unknown).  The usage of complex sentences can be divided into the followings: Usages of complex sentences Usage 1 Clauses of Condition(條件句) To use the sentence with unknown true value…

U6L5 Because and but in Cantonese 但係 [daan6 hai6];因為 [jan1 wai6]

In this lesson, conjunctions(連詞) meaning because and but in Cantonese will be introduced. But in Cantonese: 但係 [daan6 hai6], 不過 [bat1 gwo3], 之不過 [zi1 bat1 gwo3] and 之但係 [zi1 daan6 hai6] The following conjunctions mean but in Cantonese. But in Cantonese 但係[daan6 hai6] 不過[bat1 gwo3] 之不過[zi1 bat1 gwo3] 之但係[zi1 daan6 hai6] When using these conjunctions…

U6L7 Adverb 先[sin1]/ 先至[sin1 zi3]/ 至[zi3] and 就[zau6]

  In this Cantonese grammar lesson, the difference between adverb(副詞)先[sin1]/ 先至[sin1 zi3]/ 至[zi3] and 就[zau6]will be introduced.  Both adverb 就[zau6] and 先[sin1]/ 先至[sin1 zi3]/ 至[zi3] are used to indicate the consequence or the following action of a condition; you should use these two adverbs whenever you are making a clause of condition(條件句)in the structure of…

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