Cantonese idiom 講人話 [gong2 jan4 waa2]

Have you ever seen someone tries to get away by speaking nonsense and lying shamelessly?  When you had enough of such jerk, what would you say to him?  In this lesson, we will teach you a Cantonese idiom 講人話 [gong2 jan4 waa2], which is used for asking people to stop saying BS. This lesson is…

Cantonese idiom 砌生豬肉 [cai3 saang1 zyu1 juk6]

Cantonese idiom 砌生豬肉 [cai3 saang1 zyu1 juk6] is used when someone in power, including but not limited to the police, frames up someone.  This idiom was originated in the late 19th century in Hong Kong and it is a combination of word “charge” in English and word 砌 [cai3] in Cantonese. Origin of the idiom…

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