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How to say happy new year in Cantonese?

A new year is coming.  Do you know how to say happy new year in Cantonese? Happy new year in Cantonese Happy new year in Cantonese is 新年快樂[san1 nin4 faai3 lok6], and it can be used in both New Year(新年)and Lunar New Year(農曆新年). san1 nin4 faai3 lok6! 新年快樂! Happy new year! Other common greetings Other…

The meaning of 上車[soeng5 ce1]

Hong Kong’s property price is infamously expensive, ranking the highest in the world for consecutively since 2010.  Have you ever wondered if there is any word in Cantonese related with this unaffordable market?  In this lesson, we will introduce a phrase 上車[soeng5 ce1] to you. Originally, 車[ce1] means a vehicle.  Do you know these vocabularies…

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