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Cantonese romanization systems: a complete comparison between Yale romanization of Cantonese and Jyutping

Due to the lack of government-sponsorship, there are numerous amounts of Cantonese romanization systems yet none of them becomes the standard and dominates.  Among these romanization systems, Yale romanization of Cantonese(耶魯粵語拼音)and Jyutping(粵拼)has become the mainstream and have the highest popularity. To choose between learn with Yale romanization of Cantonese (Yale) and Jyutping is an inevitable…

Cantonese input installation on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome for both Jyutping and Yale (Updated July 2019)

Introduction The best way to practice Cantonese is to use it often!  Although there are many input methods for typing Cantonese, we highly recommend you use an input that is related with the romanization of a word, which helps you memorize words effectively.  In this article, we are going to guide you setting up inputs…

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