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Frequently asked questions about our Cantonese story books


Do you provide a PDF version for your Cantonese story books?

Currently we do not provide PDF version for our Cantonese story books, as the design is not responsive and audio cannot be embedded in PDF.

Do you ship all Cantonese story books for free?

We don’t ship our books, as our books are all Ebooks.  You can simply download them wherever you are.

How can I read your Cantonese story books in Android?

There are numerous applications in Android that read ePub, yet many of them override our styling with their default styling.  We recommend you use PocketBook Reader to read our books, as it respects our styling the best.

How can I read your Cantonese story books in iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

We recommend you use iBook to read our books in iOS, as it fully supports embedded audio player and preserves our styling.  Simply load the file into your device through iTunes or AirDrop and you can start reading.

How can I read your Cantonese story books in Kindle?

Our books are compatible with Kindle except audio playing functionality.  Simply load the book into Kindle and you are good to go.

How can I read your Cantonese story books with PC (Windows/ macOS)

Since our Cantonese story books are formatted in ePub2, you need to use a Ebook reader to read them properly.

For both Windows and macOS, the easiest way to read our books is to use browser extension Ebook reader.  We recommend browser extension ePub Reader for reading our books, as it is clean and preserves our styling.  This extension is available in Chrome and Firefox.

Is there a download limit or expiry date for my Cantonese story books?

There is no download limit or expiry date for our products.  You can download our books whenever you want.

Is your website safe for transactions?

Absolutely.  We use SSL-256 bit encryption for our website and your credit card information is processed and stored in the server of Stripe.  We do not have access to your credit card information.

What is the format of your Cantonese story books?

Our Cantonese story books are formatted in ePub2, which its layout is responsive and you can read it with your phone, tablet or desktop.

What is your refund policy for Cantonese story books?

We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent.  We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

What payment methods do you accepts?

We accept payments through all credit cards, ApplePay, SamsungPay and ChromePay.  Currently we do not support paying with debit cards.

Where can I download my books after purchase?

You can download your book in your user dashboard or in the confirmation E-mail we send you after you have completed your purchase.

Will I be charged for currency conversion fee when I buy in your website?

If you choose to pay in the default currency of your credit card, you will not be charged for currency conversion fee.  We will bear the fee for you.

Currently we provide support for about 30 currencies, you may need to bear the currency conversion fee if you pay with a credit card with unsupported default currency.

Will I get a CD or a link for audio files after buying the books?

As our books are Ebooks, all audio files are embedded inside the book.  You can listen to them easily when you reading the book.  Therefore, we would not provide extra CDs or links for downloading audio files separately.