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How to say cough in Cantonese

How to say cough in Cantonese?

If you have been coughing recently, do you know how to tell your doctor in Cantonese?

In this lesson, you will learn how to say cough in Cantonese.

Cough in Cantonese: 咳 [kat1]

Cough in Cantonese is 咳 [kat1].

kat1 ge3 si4 hau6 jat1 ding6 jiu3 am2 zeoi2 aa3。


You must cover your mouth when you cough.

nei5 gei2 si4 hoi1 ci2 kat1 gaa3?


Since when did you cough?

ngo5 ji5 ging1 kat1 zo2 sap6 jat6。


I have already coughed for 10 days.

ngo5 aa3 baa4 kat1 dou3 tou3 hyut3。


My dad had coughed to an extent that he coughed up blood.

到 [dou3] is used here to form a complement of extent(程度補語). Learn more about complement of extent in Unit 10 Lesson 5.


How to say cough in Cantonese?

Cough in Cantonese is 咳 [kat1].


  1. 粵典。「咳」。

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