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How to say cry in Cantonese

How to say cry in Cantonese?

Do you know how to say cry in Cantonese?  In this lesson, you will learn how to say cry in Cantonese.

Cry in Cantonese: 喊 [haam3]

Cry in Cantonese is 喊 [haam3].

m4 hou2 haam3 laa1。


Stop crying.

Type of sentence structurePredicate-object
Functions in sentenceSubjectAdverbialPredicateObjectParticle
Part of speech/AdverbAuxiliary verbVerbParticle
Words in sentence/

Auxiliary verb 好 [hou2] has a similar meaning with 應該 [jing1 goi1].  Read Unit 7 Lesson 2 to learn more.

jan1 wai6 tung4 neoi5 pang4 jau5 fan1 zo2 sau2,ngo5 haam3 zo2 sing4 maan5。


What should we do to have a happy family?

Composite sentences

Type of composite sentenceCompound sentence
ComponentsSentence 1Sentence 2
True valueTrueTrue
Words in sentence因為同女朋友分咗手我喊咗成晚

Conjunction(連詞) 因為 [jan1 wai6] means because in Cantonese.  To learn more about using 因為 [jan1 wai6] and other conjunctions, read Unit 6 Lesson 5.

Sentence 1 of that sentence

Type of sentence structurePredicative expression in series
Functions in sentenceConjunctionSubjectPredicate 1Object 1Predicate 2Predicative suffixObject 2
Part of speechConjunction/PrepositionNounVerbPredicative suffixNoun
Words in sentence 因為/女朋友

Sentence 2 of that sentence

Type of sentence structurePredicative-object
Functions in sentenceSubjectPredicatePredicative suffixCognate object
Part of speechNounVerbPredicative suffixNoun
Words in sentence成晚

Cognate object of that sentence

Type of sentence structureSubordination

keoi5 haam3 dak1 hou2 cai1 loeng4。


She cries desolately.

Type of sentence structurePredicative-complement
Functions in sentenceSubjectPredicateComplement
Part of speechNounVerb; /Clause
Words in sentence喊; 得好淒涼

Complement of that sentence

Type of sentence structureSubject-predicative
Functions in sentenceSubjectAdverbialPredicate
Part of speech/AdverbAdjective
Words in sentence/淒涼


How to say cry in Cantonese?

Cry in Cantonese is 喊 [haam3].


  1. 粵典。「喊

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