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how to say freedom in Cantonese?

How to say freedom in Cantonese?

Freedom is essential to Hong Kong and Hong Kongers. Although freedom is gone and Hong Kong is no longer free, we should not forgot how to say it in Cantonese.

In this lesson, we will teach you how to say freedom in Cantonese.

Freedom in Cantonese: 自由 [zi6 jau4]

Freedom in Cantonese is 自由 [zi6 jau4].

ji4 gaa1 hoeng1 gong2 zi6 m4 zi6 jau4 aa3?


Is Hong Kong free now?

zi6 jau4 deoi3 nei5 jau5 gei2 zung6 jiu3 aa3?


How important is freedom to you?

hoeng1 gong2 ji4 gaa1 ji5 ging1 mou5 saai3 zi6 jau4。


There is no freedom in Hong Kong now.

Predicative suffix 晒 [saai3] means the thing being described by the adjective has changed to an opposite and contrasting direction from its original condition.


How to say freedom in Cantonese?

自由 [zi6 jau4] means freedom in Cantonese.

That’s it for this lesson on how to say freedom in Cantonese!

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  1. Thank you for the lesson. I’d have preferred to learn how to say “Hong Kong is free”, but I’ll wait for that, hope to find it soon. 香港人加油

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