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The Single Braid

Brace yourself up and learn Cantonese through Hong Kong’s urban legend.


Aesop in Cantonese subscription 訂閱粵譯伊索寓言


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Features of our Cantonese story book

  • This book is written in Cantonese instead of Mandarin, helping you improve your Cantonese reading and writing.
  • 4 different versions(without romanization, with Jyutping and English, with Yale and English and English only) of the story are included
  • Narrations recorded by professional narrator helping you improve your Cantonese listening
  • Illustrations helping you understand and enjoy the story
  • The book has been assessed with our Cantonese Reading Leveling System, helping you estimate the difficulty of this book



  • 呢本書係用粵文,而唔係用「書面語」/普通話寫嘅,幫你練習睇同寫廣東話
  • 書入面嘅故事總共有四個唔同版本(純中文字、純英文、中文字加粵拼同英文、中文字加耶魯同英文),方便你理解同享受個故事
  • 故事入面每一句句子,都有專業配音員聲音演繹,幫你練習聽廣東話
  • 每一頁都會有精美插畫,幫你理解故事,無論大人細路都會中意睇
  • 呢本書嘅內容已經畀我哋嘅廣東話文本分級系統(Cantonese Reading Leveling System)評核過,幫你揀啱自己能力嘅書

Why learn with our Cantonese story books, Aesop in Cantonese?

Practicing reading and writing Cantonese is a tremendously difficult task for beginners, in particular, due the limited number of books written in Cantonese.  In response to this issue, we have published Aesop in Cantonese(粵譯伊索寓言), a series of Cantonese story books packed with unique features to help you learn Cantonese fast and effectively.

Completely written in Cantonese

Unlike most of the Cantonese story books in the market, Aesop in Cantonese is completely written in Cantonese.  By interacting with Cantonese in such unprecedented manner, it helps you build up your memory and understand the language comprehensively.

Professional narration to practice listening

Unlike other podcasts or narrations, our narrations are recorded clearly and accurately by professional narrators in normal and slow speed.  Moreover, with the book as a transcript, you can easily check for words that you have missed.  Practice listening to Cantonese has never been that easy!

Assessed text complexity

It is a nightmare for a beginner to learn with materials designed for higher levels, yet there are not many reading materials designed for beginners.  The difficulties for every Aesop in Cantonese are defined by our Cantonese Reading Leveling System(廣東話文本分級系統), helping learners find suitable readings to read.

Attractive and content-related illustrations

Last but not least, our Cantonese story books are full of illustrations!  These illustrations help you understand the context of the books, and give you a more enjoyable reading experience.

Additional information

Length of subscription

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