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Hong Kong Horror Story: The Single Braid(香港鬼故:辮子姑娘)

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Say goodbye to frustrations in learning Cantonese by learning with our Cantonese story books, Hong Kong Horror Story(香港鬼故)!  Our story books are packed with illustrations and narrations, helping you learn effectively.

Publication date: September 2019 Last update date: December 2020 SKU:HKHOR0001
ISBN-13: 978-988-74075-5-3
Word count: 444 Category:

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Features of our Cantonese story book

  • This book is written in Cantonese instead of Mandarin, helping you improve your Cantonese reading and writing.
  • 4 different versions(without romanization, with Jyutping and English, with Yale and English and English only) of the story are included
  • Narrations recorded by professional narrator helping you improve your Cantonese listening
  • Illustrations helping you understand and enjoy the story

Why learn with our Cantonese story books, Hong Kong Horror Story?

Practicing reading and writing Cantonese is a tremendously difficult task for beginners, in particular, due the limited number of books written in Cantonese.  In response to this issue, we have published Hong Kong Horror Story(香港鬼故), a series of Cantonese story books packed with unique features to help you learn Cantonese fast and effectively.

Completely written in Cantonese

Unlike most of the Cantonese story books in the market, our story books are completely written in Cantonese.  By interacting with Cantonese in such unprecedented manner, it helps you build up your memory and understand the language comprehensively.

Professional narration to practice listening

Unlike other podcasts or narrations, our narrations are recorded clearly and accurately by professional narrators in normal and slow speed.  Moreover, with the book as a transcript, you can easily check for words that you have missed.  Practice listening to Cantonese has never been that easy!

Last but not least, our Cantonese story books are full of illustrations!  These illustrations help you understand the context of the books, and give you a more enjoyable reading experience.

1 review for Hong Kong Horror Story: The Single Braid(香港鬼故:辮子姑娘)

  1. I love having this ebook as a language-learning resource and look forward to buying more in the future. The website/blog is also really great!

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